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Meridian Marbles And Decorative Stone Pvt Ltd
Address: NH8, Sukher, Rajasthan 313024 Contact: +91-7665504555 Year of establishment: Distance: N/A  Edit your location  help Short URL: http://www.RajasthanClassifieds.in/meridian-marbles-and-decorative-stone-udaipur Share with friends Get Driving Directions
Meridian Marbles and Decorative Stones Pvt. Ltd currently has 2 active Directors, Raj Kumar Bapna and Anupama Khamesra. Rajesh Khamesra is the Executive Director of Meridian Marbles & Decorative Stones Pvt. Ltd. and has been a pillar of strength and an inspiration. Rajesh has been in the centre of activity to take Meridian Marbles strongly forward to higher levels of excellence. Rajesh is not just a business leader but also an innovator of new ideas and the business processes. He founded Meridian Marbles and all the success of Meridian Marbles is due to the management skills and strong team building abilities of Rajesh Khamesra. Due to his essential leadership attributes, Meridian Marbles has built a strong market position and is raising to newer heights.