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Garam Masalaa Restaurant
Address: 18-19A, Near Jharkhand Mode, Khatipura Rd, Krishna Colony, Jharkhand Mode, Khatipura, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302012 Contact: +91-9828506660 Year of establishment: 2000 Distance: N/A  Edit your location  help Short URL: http://www.RajasthanClassifieds.in/garam-masalaa-restaurant-jaipur Share with friends Get Driving Directions
GARAM MASALAA is a Pan-Indian and chinese experience from which people will take back flavours and tastes of the glorious food of the vastly diverse richly blessed Indian Sub Continent. At GARAM MASALAA, a ‘dinner out’ is transformed into an exclusive ‘dining experience’ and it is here that one realizes that Indian food does not lack any of the subtleties that make a nation’s food transform from being just ‘food’ to fine cuisine.