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Aravali Tours
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It has been observed that there is a rise in the ground level when the Aravalli range is traced north to the Himalayas. This rise in the ground level has in fact led to the turning of the river Yamuna eastwards to join the river Ganges at Allahabad.To the North West of the Aravallies are Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Barmer and Bikaner regions, it is the home of arid plains and the shifting sad dunes of the great Thar Desert. In northern parts of Aravallies various forms of sacred groves are maintained. These are known askankar bani, rakhat bani, dev ouranya, vall and dev bani. These groves constitute a larger area and are found in plenty. These groves can be classified into three distinct groups. The first group consisting of the ones close to the village and the water source.